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China Brand Launch

Red Bull



To help launch Red Bull in China, the brand tapped Neocha to execute its global Canvas Cooler Project.

The Canvas Cooler Project pairs up-and-coming artists with cool local venue owners to create custom and functional pieces of art: coolers (full of Red Bull product)

We curated 5 artists and tasked them with the challenge of transforming a blank canvas-wrapped Red Bull cooler into an inspired work of art. The finished pieces were unveiled to the public in a one-night only exhibition in Shanghai. Participating artists included: Idlebeats, Kim Laughton, Ka Xiaoxi, Arkham, Elephant, and Chase Wills.

To learn more about the project, the artists, and the exhibition, check out the above documentary we created to capture the campaign.

Additionally, for the exhibition event, we curated an invitee list of local creative culture influencers and designed a presentation of Red Bull Music Academy’s (RBMA) “For The Record” book. For The Record is a celebration of RBMA’s 15th anniversary, in which it links up with a compelling selection of top artists and industry insiders to share conversations and essays on some of the most relevant topics in music today.

品牌Red Bull(银色版)为其在中国的正式上市,委托Neocha执行其Canvas Cooler全球系列之上海站活动。

Canvas Cooler系列活动集结新生代艺术家和本土潮流场所持有人以创作兼备定制款设计和功能性于一身的艺术小冰柜(以Red Bull产品布满柜体)。

我们邀请了五位艺术家参与这次创意挑战,将外观空白的Red Bull冰柜幻化成为一件件艺术作品。最终成品在上海唯一的一场活动当天曝光,此次参与活动的艺术家包括:Idlebeats、Kim Laughton、咖小西、Arkham、大象和Chase Wills。


除此之外,在展览区域,我们策划邀请了当地创意文化引领者并设计展出了Red Bull音乐学院(RBMA)出版的For The Record一书。For The Record是RBMA十五周年纪念集,其中收录的对话及文章是来自世界顶尖的非凡艺术家和业内人士就当代音乐进行的深远挖掘和探讨。

Canvas Cooler Project


Kim Laughton

Ka Xiaoxi


Chase Wills & Elephant

For The Record

Holiday Season Packaging Design

Lane Crawford

We created a Christmas-themed design for Lane Crawford’s holiday season. The design was used in a packaging set that included wrapping paper, greeting card, and tote bag. We collaborated with Beijing-based artist Zhang Zhanzhan to bring the design to life.


Asia Art Collection




We created a psychedelic animation to help promote the release of Vans’ “Asia Art Union / 亚洲艺术联盟” TEE Collection, Summer 2015.

The collection features exclusive designs from seven Chinese artists: Tyakasha, Panda, Du Yan Ai Zi, Dick Ng, Jahan, Cao Zheng, and Keke.

2015年夏天,我们为Vans “Asia Art Union / 亚洲艺术联盟” T恤系列的推出制作了一条定格动画。

我们集合了7位中国艺术家参与其中的设计:Tyakasha、Panda、独眼矮子、 Dick Ng、Jahan、Cao Zheng、Keke。

Horizon Club – “Long Gaze”

Shangri La

We collaborated with designer and painter Zhu Jianhang to create artwork representing Shanghai for Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts “Horizon Club Artist Series.” The series is collection of commissioned artwork for each of Shangri-La’s destinations inspired by the property’s Horizon Club view.


Zhu Jianhang’s design, titled “Long Gaze,” presents a view of Jing’An district in Shanghai from the vantage point of the Shangri-La Horizon Club.

The artwork is available for download as a digital wallpaper for mobile phones, laptop desktops, etc.



ZX750 Guerrilla Street Art Project

adidas Originals



To celebrate adidas Originals bringing back its iconic late-1980s ZX750 runners to China in a limited edition ‘bluebird dark slate’ colorway, we executed an epic guerrilla street-art campaign. The campaign engaged street artist crews in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu to bomb their hometowns with interpretations of the shoes in varied art styles.

Before hitting the streets, we pre-designed a stop-motion animation with hundreds of frames. Each frame of the animation featured the shoes in different positions. The frames were assigned to different artists around the country who had the freedom to recreate them in their own art stye. When the artists executed their artwork on the city walls, our photography team captured hi-res photos of each artwork. These photos were reassembled as the frames in this stop-motion video.

The animation tells the story of the ZX750s going on a nationwide journey while coming alive on city walls across China. The shoes’ urban adventure has them walking, jogging, jumping, spinning, dancing, etc., while the street-art styles and techniques morph from wheatpaste, to stencil, spray paint, marker, and stickers. The animation also links up a few select storefront treatments we incorporated into the campaign.

我们为adidas Originals复刻其八十年代末的ZX750经典鞋款进行了大规模的游击式街头艺术活动,此次旨在宣传ZX750暗灰蓝配色款在中国市场的推广。该活动集结了北京、上海、广州和成都的街头艺术家分别在各自城市中以多样化的街头艺术形式展现这双经典鞋款。



Limited-Edition Packaging Design


We created a set of limited-edition packaging designs for Sprite. We worked with Shanghai-based digital illustrator Elephant to bring to life the basketball and skateboarding-themed cans, which feature brand ambassadors Kobe Bryant and Jay Chou. The cans were made available throughout greater China.


Customized Product Design


For Microsoft’s ongoing limited edition artist series (and to celebrate the “Year of the Snake”), we created a unique graphic treatment for the brand’s Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. For this project, we collaborated with Shanghai-based designer Left.


The creative inspiration for this design concept comes from the ancient Chinese text called “Mountains and Seas,” which documents various facets of nature, geography, and biology. “Mountains and Seas” says that snakes rise from the sea each year and journey to land, only to return to sea at the end of the year. The snake is an important creature mentioned throughout the book. Furthermore, many monsters and gods that are mentioned in the book have human heads and snake-like bodies. An example of this is Fu Xi and his wife Nu Wa, the Chinese goddess who, according to legend, created the world and its people.


Desktop Wallpaper Design

We took characters from “Mountains and Seas” and presented them in a style that is similar to the shadow-puppets that were used by Chinese storytellers in ancient times. The red seal at the base of the mouse is Left’s name represented in a traditional artist mark. The overall result is an inspiring cultural remix full of Chinese traditional imagery and modern graphic elements.


Packaging Design

Art Inspired iPhone Cases


In collaboration with Mocamomo, we created an exclusive collection of art-inspired iPhone cases that featuring work from Chinese artists and designers.

Representing a variety of styles and mediums including illustration, photography, graphic design, and painting, each case is unique and shows off a little piece of Chinese creative culture.

The collaboration brings together 8 leading-edge Chinese artists: Nini Sum, Nanguazi, Huzi, Ren Hang, Xiaomi Keke, Fatty Chen, Tanse, and Hua Tunan.



此次合作联手八位中国先锋艺术家共同完成,他们分别是:Nini Sum, Nanguazi, Huzi, Ren Hang, Xiaomi Keke, Fatty Chen, Tanse, 和 Hua Tunan.

Nini Sum / Catch the Seagull



Nanguazi / The Dream



Huzi / Needle



Ren Hang / Aeroplane



Xiaomi Keke / Harmony 



Fatty Chen / Weirdo



Tanse / Bluffing



Hua Tunan / Tiger



Summer Nights


We created a series of key visual graphics for Nike Basketball’s China “SUMMER NIGHTS” basketball party tour. For each of the graphics, we collaborated with local artists to capture a feeling of summer together with the unique local basketball cultures of each key event city: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Taipei. The graphics were used on promotional posters / materials, event wrappings / props / billboards, t-shirts, etc. Participating artists include: Momorobo (Shanghai), Ca Zhuxi (Beijing), Tanse (Guangzhou), Xiao Duzi (Chengdu), and Tian Jia (Taipei).


Shanghai / Momorobo

Beijing / Ca Zhuxi

Chengdu / Xiao Duzi

Guangzhou / Tanse

Taipei / Tian Jia