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“No Attitude, No Music” Collection




We created a spot to promote a limited edition t-shirt collection for fashion brand Tonlion. The collection was a collaboration between Tonlion and music portal Kuwo. Tees in the collection come with a set of earphones ergonomically designed into the tee allowing for optimized wire management and listening experience. QR codes in the tees scan through to exclusive content curated by the Kuwo team.

The spot combines live-action shooting, stop-motion animation, and a variety of illustration, painting, and hand-made textural effects. The content was used digitally and in select OOH executions.



Let’s Gap Together




We created two commercials for iconic American clothing brand Gap. The 30-second stop-motion pieces bring to life the brand’s “Let’s Gap Together” campaign manifesto with handcrafted screen-printing and painting treatments on Gap products together with a few other playful props. The English version will run in Hong Kong; the Chinese version will run throughout Mainland China.

The brand manifesto in English reads: “Let’s laugh, cry, kiss, fall in love, run, dance, skate, be free, have fun, cut loose, escape, wear what we want, live the dream, and be ourselves, because it’s a big, beautiful world out there. Let’s live it together.”

我们为美国标志性服装品牌Gap创作了2条广告。在30秒的定格动画中我们用丝网印刷和绘画的方式将 “Let’s Gap Together” 的品牌宣言生动的呈现在Gap的产品及其他配件道具上,英文版被用于香港地区,中文版本被用于中国大陆地区。







Asia Art Collection




We created a psychedelic animation to help promote the release of Vans’ “Asia Art Union / 亚洲艺术联盟” TEE Collection, Summer 2015.

The collection features exclusive designs from seven Chinese artists: Tyakasha, Panda, Du Yan Ai Zi, Dick Ng, Jahan, Cao Zheng, and Keke.

2015年夏天,我们为Vans “Asia Art Union / 亚洲艺术联盟” T恤系列的推出制作了一条定格动画。

我们集合了7位中国艺术家参与其中的设计:Tyakasha、Panda、独眼矮子、 Dick Ng、Jahan、Cao Zheng、Keke。

Women’s “Unstoppable” Campaign

adidas Originals



We created a spot for adidas Originals’ “Unstoppable” women’s campaign featuring the brand’s four leading ladies: Rita Ora, Fan Bingbing, Gianna Jun, and Jolin Tsai. The film combines photography stills, live-action footage, and stop-motion animation into a fun, experimental treatment.

我们为adidas Originals名为“势不可挡”的女子系列广告制作了一条视频短片,主角是该品牌的四位女星代言人:Rita Ora、范冰冰、全智贤及蔡依林。短片将静态照片与动态影像相结合以类似定格动画的方式为大家呈现出有趣且略带实验感的效果。

Black Sheep vs. White Sheep




We created a fun animated spot to help Van’s promote its limited-edition “Year of the Sheep” footwear collection. The animation riffs on the theme of “Black Sheep vs. White Sheep,” encouraging us to stand out from the flock and do our thing, while ensuring it’s also OK to fit in every once in a while. The spot was used online and in retails stores throughout Greater China. Happy Chinese New Year!


Seasonal Campaign Spots




We created a couple animated spots to support seasonal campaigns for Gap in Greater China.

The animations were used to help promote a reload of the brand’s early 2000s iconic “Crazy Stripes” sweater campaign, and a “Buy a Gift, Get a Lift” campaign, in which shoppers who bought holiday gifts at select Gap stores we given a free ride home.

The animations were broadcast on TV, digitally, in-store, and via a variety of out-of-home screens in Greater China.


这些动画短片用于对该品牌2000年代初期经典的“Crazy Stripes”线衫之重塑,以及”Buy a Gift, Get a Lift”系列活动的推广,亦即消费者在指定Gap门店购买节日礼物我们将提供免费叫车送您回家服务。




ZX750 Guerrilla Street Art Project

adidas Originals



To celebrate adidas Originals bringing back its iconic late-1980s ZX750 runners to China in a limited edition ‘bluebird dark slate’ colorway, we executed an epic guerrilla street-art campaign. The campaign engaged street artist crews in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu to bomb their hometowns with interpretations of the shoes in varied art styles.

Before hitting the streets, we pre-designed a stop-motion animation with hundreds of frames. Each frame of the animation featured the shoes in different positions. The frames were assigned to different artists around the country who had the freedom to recreate them in their own art stye. When the artists executed their artwork on the city walls, our photography team captured hi-res photos of each artwork. These photos were reassembled as the frames in this stop-motion video.

The animation tells the story of the ZX750s going on a nationwide journey while coming alive on city walls across China. The shoes’ urban adventure has them walking, jogging, jumping, spinning, dancing, etc., while the street-art styles and techniques morph from wheatpaste, to stencil, spray paint, marker, and stickers. The animation also links up a few select storefront treatments we incorporated into the campaign.

我们为adidas Originals复刻其八十年代末的ZX750经典鞋款进行了大规模的游击式街头艺术活动,此次旨在宣传ZX750暗灰蓝配色款在中国市场的推广。该活动集结了北京、上海、广州和成都的街头艺术家分别在各自城市中以多样化的街头艺术形式展现这双经典鞋款。



Go Skate Day




We created a video campaign to helped build awareness for Vans’ “Go Skate Day.” The campaign was leveraged to drive traffic to the brand’s activation platform, where consumers could view related content, participate in a DIY obstacle contest, and vote on favorite submissions from the local skate community.

我们为Vans的”Go Skate Day”活动创作了一条短片,该片旨在引导并激发人们前往其品牌官方活动页面了解活动详情、参与DIY障碍物竞赛并从当地滑板赛区选出自己最喜欢的DIY障碍物。

Then, Now, & Beyond

Shanghai Bund Investment Group



The group of properties that sits at 179 Nanjing East Rd. near Shanghai’s Bund area is rich in cultural history. The buildings are in the process of restoration into a “show window of commerce, tourism, culture and life” integrating retails brands, restaurants, culture and art, as well as brand hotels to become a new fashion landmark of Shanghai. The complex will simply be known as The Central (外滩 中央).

The developers behind the project, Shanghai Bund Investment Group, engaged us to help tell the story of The Central from its turn of the 20th century beginnings to now, and beyond to the completion of the upcoming restoration / renovation.

To capture the story of The Central, we created an animation that features the icons, fashions, characters and evolution of Shanghai that weave together the rich history of the location. The animation, titled “Then, Now, and Beyond” premiered as VJ content during a performance by The Shanghai Restoration Project at the project’s groundbreaking ceremony. The animation has since been used online and together with communications / marketing materials targeting potential investors in the project and future tenants.

比邻上海外滩,位于南京东路179的地块潜藏丰富的文化底蕴,而此次复兴方案欲将其被打造为集名品店铺、餐饮、文化艺术以及知名酒店的“商业、旅游、文化和生活”窗口式地标型商圈,而其也有一个响亮的名字,The Central (外滩 中央)。

负责该项目的开发商“上海外滩投资开发集团”邀请我们为其创作一条描述二十世纪初期至今“外滩 中央”发展变迁的故事,并展现其今后将被复兴再造的风貌。

我们创作了一条动画短片来讲述“外滩 中央”的故事,其中一一呈现了上海在丰厚文化历史进程中曾出现过的偶像、时尚、特征和演变。这条名为“过去、现在、未来”的短片在上海复兴方案的奠基仪式上以VJ形式展示,并在之后作为该计划展示内容之一被广泛运用于网络及其市场部推广活动。

House of Vans




We created an animated spot to promote Vans’ annual House of Vans summer event series in Asia. House of Vans is a traveling hub of culture, creativity, and sport in which Vans celebrates its main brand pillars: music, art, skate. House of Vans made stops in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Seoul, and presented a variety of creative workshops (painting, photography, screen printing, etc.), exhibitions, live musical performances, skate opportunities, and raucous partying – a real good time for everyone involved.

For the spot, we collaborated with Chengdu-based illustrator Panda Mei to bring to life his line art in a fun way that tells the House of Vans story. The content was used online, in-stores, and at the House of Vans events throughout Asia.

我们为Vans品牌的House of Vans年度亚洲区夏季活动做了一系列的宣传短片。House of Vans是一场以文化、创意和运动为主题的巡回活动,通过该活动来颂扬品牌的三大核心内容:音乐、艺术和滑板文化。House of Vans此次巡回历经上海、广州、香港和首尔站,呈现了多元化的创意工作坊(绘画、摄影、丝网印刷等)、展览、现场音乐演出、滑板表演以及躁动派对,这绝对是一场众人参与的美妙盛宴。

此次,我们和成都插画师梅洹林(Panda Mei)合作,以一个有趣的方式将他的线条艺术融入在House of Vans的故事中。该片用于网络、品牌门店以及House of Vans亚洲区的活动现场。