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Courage, Strength, & Honor


In celebration of the Year of the Rooster, we developed an innovative HTML 5 WeChat game for Converse that incorporated the seasonal campaign’s core storytelling values: Courage, Strength, and Honor.

In the game, players actions help the Rooster King successfully navigate three different worlds to win back stolen feathers representing Courage, Strength, and Honor. The game content employs live-shot characters, origami paper-mache, and stop-motion animation to create surreal visual worlds for players to traverse in under two minutes while competing with friends to win a secret “fortune.” Styling of characters was done with seasonal Chinese New Year apparel line.

The overall game design showcases our ability to imagine and deliver an immersive world in which a target consumer engages in a memorable, seasonally-relevant brand experience.




HTML5 Game



Year of the Rooster




To celebrate Chinese New Year, we created a fun animation for Airbnb telling the story of Ralphy, a wanderlust-filled traveling Rooster making his way around the world.

In the Year of the Rooster, Ralphy reminds us to meet someone new at the foot of Mt. Fuji; or connect with old friends in Koh Tao; or perhaps even celebrate with a family reunion in Paris. Wherever your travels take you this lunar new year, we hope the experiences along the way warm your heart with love and sharing. Happy Chinese New Year.

The piece was created by hand in a live, multi-layered environment with frame-by-frame stop-motion animation of laser cut elements. Check out the making-of video and photos to learn more about the process and technique.







NMD – What’s Next?

adidas Originals



To help celebrate the 1 year anniversary of adidas Originals’ game-changing sneaker line “NMD,” we created a campaign featuring a crew of creative culture champions and fashion influencers including actors, television hosts, magazine editors, pop-singers, rappers, models, and style mavens.

We also created an animation for the campaign to show the evolution of NMD over the past year from the now-classic OG colorway to countless iterations of the extended NMD family.

The campaign ran chiefly on social media and digital channels throughout China, with some print usage as well.

我们为adidas Originals的颠覆型鞋款——NMD系列诞生一周年创作了一组以创意界文化先锋和时尚潮人为主角的平面作品,其中包括演员、主持人、杂志编辑、流行歌手、说唱艺人、模特、潮人等。借此来传达“过去赋能未来”的街头潮流精神。



Higher Brothers / 海尔兄弟

Chen Haipei / 陈海沛

Jasin Chang

Cheng Yingjie / 程颖婕

HyoRaKuHi / 冯乐飞

Jenny Zeng / 曾妮

Jeffery Tung / 董又霖 

Annie Sun / 孙伊涵


Meng Jia / 孟佳



Chen Xi / 陈希

Jenny Zhou

Lin Zijun / 林子君

Year of the Monkey Campaign

Beats By Dre

We created a Chinese New Year campaign for Beats By Dre to celebrate the Year of the Monkey. The campaign theme of 感官新启 encourages us all to “Open Up” our senses and curiosity to new thoughts, to new ideas, and to new influences in order to “See It All,” “Hear It All,” and “Say It All” in the new year.

The keystone of the campaign was a product design collaboration with internationally renowned artist James Jean to create a custom headphone. The campaign also featured storytelling support from Chinese celebrities and tastemakers Jing Boran (actor, representing “See It All”), Ouyang Nana (cellist, representing “Hear It All”), and Rosie Yang (singer, representing “Say It All”).

The campaign ran in greater China and other Asia ​markets, with product available online and in-store throughout Asia.

为迎接中国传统猴年的到来,我们为Beats by Dre 品牌创作系列广告。广告主题“感官新启”激励我们在新的一年敞开心扉,打开好奇地迎接新的挑战与机遇,看心中所想,听心中所愿,说心中所念。

这支广告片的主角是与国际知名先锋艺术家James Jean合作设计的限量版耳机。该系列广告同时还邀请到井柏然 (演员, 代表”See it All”), 欧阳娜娜 (大提琴演奏家, 代表”Hear it All”), 杨凯琳 (歌手, 代表”Say it All”)来讲述与这款限量版耳机之间的故事。



The product design collaboration showcases James Jean’s signature style in a special edition “Year of the Monkey” Solo2 wireless headphone. The concept behind the design is an unexpected play on the traditional story of The Three Wise Monkeys who “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.” Jean turns the classic proverb on its head – exploring the way we see, hear, and communicate in a modern context. His three monkeys are no longer unknowing; they can see it all, hear it all, and say it all in an instant. They are awakened, empowered, and curious. Hidden in a camouflage of flowing, white-hot flames, the monkeys’ senses are open to the energy and inspiration of a new age.

这次推出的 Beats x James Jean 猴年特别版 Solo2 Wireless 耳机设计,展现了艺术家 James Jean独特的个人风格。这次 James 的创意来源于谚语故事中“三不猴”, 分别代表 -“非礼勿视, 非礼勿言, 非礼勿闻”, 而他在设计中将“三不猴”彻底颠覆, 用自己的方式进行重新诠释。在他的设计里, 三只猴子不再是无知无视无闻。三只猴子的好奇心被唤醒, 各种感官被打开, 从而获得源源不绝的灵感。2016年五行属火, James 也以火隐喻灵感, 而感官新启的三只猴子也分别隐身其中, 闪耀着创意之火, 创世之趋。

Product Packaging Design

For the campaign we also created 15 and 30 second animated spots, campaign key visuals featuring product and brand ambassadors, a series of short films featuring brand ambassadors, a 15 second spot that aired in New York City’s Times Square jumbotron screen, and a special packaging set for premium product seeding.

我们为该系列广告也创作了15秒及30秒版本的动画,广告主视觉,产品代言人广告大片, 系列产品代言人广告短片,及一支播放于纽约时代广场的15秒广告大片,还包括一套限量版产品包装设计。

Campaign Spot (30 Seconds)



Campaign Spot (15 Seconds)



New York City / Times Square 



Print Campaign Key Visuals

Jing Boran / See It All



Ouyang Nana / Hear It All



Rosie Yang / Say It All



感官新启 / Open Up, featuring Jing Boran, Ouyang Nana, & Rosie Yang



Apple In-Store Event / James Jean

ZX Flux Campaign Spots

adidas Originals



We created :30 and :15 second campaign spots for adidas Originals’ ZX Flux collection. The spots tell a visual story of infinite possibilities and limitless future, positioning ZX Flux footwear as the essence of modernity and the modern look.

The spots feature celebrity brand ambassadors Deng Chao, Eason Chan, Wu Yifan, and Fan Bingbing and were leveraged digitally, in-store, and throughout the Beijing / Shanghai / Guangzhou metro. The Metro placement was as a stop-motion execution that interacts with viewers as a result of the train’s forward motion. The video below shows the final result.

我们为adidas Originals的ZX Flux系列创作了30秒版和15秒版的短片。短片一展具有摩登精髓和潮流外观的ZX Flux鞋款的无限可能及无尽未来。




adidas Originals ZX Flux 2016 – Metro Stop-Motion Execution



“Off The Wall” Art Collection




We created a 30 sec and 15 sec video campaign to promote Vans’ Spring 2016 Off The Wall Art Collection.

The tee collection features exclusive designs from nine Asian artists: Panda Mei, Tyakasha, LINWENXIN, Page Payne, Zlism (Zoie Lam), Mina Kwon, Devil丁, 丁几 and Felix勺子.

我们为Vans2016年Off The Wall春季艺术家合作款创作了30秒和15秒动画短片。

该T恤系列的独特设计来自九位亚洲艺术家:梅洹林、塔卡沙、独眼矮子林文心、彭斯 (小六)、Mina Kwon、Zlism (Zoie Lam)、Devil丁、丁几以及Felix勺子。



“No Attitude, No Music” Collection




We created a spot to promote a limited edition t-shirt collection for fashion brand Tonlion. The collection was a collaboration between Tonlion and music portal Kuwo. Tees in the collection come with a set of earphones ergonomically designed into the tee allowing for optimized wire management and listening experience. QR codes in the tees scan through to exclusive content curated by the Kuwo team.

The spot combines live-action shooting, stop-motion animation, and a variety of illustration, painting, and hand-made textural effects. The content was used digitally and in select OOH executions.



Let’s Gap Together




We created two commercials for iconic American clothing brand Gap. The 30-second stop-motion pieces bring to life the brand’s “Let’s Gap Together” campaign manifesto with handcrafted screen-printing and painting treatments on Gap products together with a few other playful props. The English version will run in Hong Kong; the Chinese version will run throughout Mainland China.

The brand manifesto in English reads: “Let’s laugh, cry, kiss, fall in love, run, dance, skate, be free, have fun, cut loose, escape, wear what we want, live the dream, and be ourselves, because it’s a big, beautiful world out there. Let’s live it together.”

我们为美国标志性服装品牌Gap创作了2条广告。在30秒的定格动画中我们用丝网印刷和绘画的方式将 “Let’s Gap Together” 的品牌宣言生动的呈现在Gap的产品及其他配件道具上,英文版被用于香港地区,中文版本被用于中国大陆地区。







Asia Art Collection




We created a psychedelic animation to help promote the release of Vans’ “Asia Art Union / 亚洲艺术联盟” TEE Collection, Summer 2015.

The collection features exclusive designs from seven Chinese artists: Tyakasha, Panda, Du Yan Ai Zi, Dick Ng, Jahan, Cao Zheng, and Keke.

2015年夏天,我们为Vans “Asia Art Union / 亚洲艺术联盟” T恤系列的推出制作了一条定格动画。

我们集合了7位中国艺术家参与其中的设计:Tyakasha、Panda、独眼矮子、 Dick Ng、Jahan、Cao Zheng、Keke。

Women’s “Unstoppable” Campaign

adidas Originals



We created a spot for adidas Originals’ “Unstoppable” women’s campaign featuring the brand’s four leading ladies: Rita Ora, Fan Bingbing, Gianna Jun, and Jolin Tsai. The film combines photography stills, live-action footage, and stop-motion animation into a fun, experimental treatment.

我们为adidas Originals名为“势不可挡”的女子系列广告制作了一条视频短片,主角是该品牌的四位女星代言人:Rita Ora、范冰冰、全智贤及蔡依林。短片将静态照片与动态影像相结合以类似定格动画的方式为大家呈现出有趣且略带实验感的效果。