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In-Store Art Program


We developed a series of art installations for Lululemon retail stores in Xi’an, Chongqing, Xiamen,Shanghai,etc. The installations integrate local culture with the spirit of the Lululemon brand: fun, dynamic, pioneering.



Spicy Happiness

It’s no secret that Chongqingers love spicy food and hotpot. With that in mind, this artwork centers on these two quintessential elements of the Chongqing lifestyle. Modeled after traditional Chongqing-style hotpot, the artwork’s circular composition is divided into nine frames.
In each standalone scene, a cast of humanoid hot peppers is shown going about their day. Whether it be exercising, bonding with friends over hotpot, enjoying street food, playing mahjong, or riding on subway lines that cut through high rises, these familiar Chongqing activities are brought to life through our playful illustrations.




City Treasure Map

The artwork for Xiamen features Lululemon’s mantra of “Sweat, Grow, Bond” designed in the likeness of a treasure map.
Housed inside the type design are illustrations depicting some of the city’s most distinctive characteristics, such as its beautiful coasts and the active, yet unrushed, lifestyle of the locals. The map leads consumers on a treasure hunt where they’ll discover iconic Xiamen cityscapes and Lululemon-themed easter eggs throughout.


作品结合品牌宣言中的”Sweat, Grow, Bond”三个关键词,精心设计了一副悠闲厦门的城市寻“宝”图。

西安 XI’AN

Yoga Pagoda

Centered on Xi’an as an ancient capital and dining destination, this three-panel installation uses Lululemon’s distinctive fabrics to show the city from a fresh perspective. Each design uses colors and materials from the brand’s apparel and yoga mats to evoke the historic charm of old Xi’an, featuring sites like the Wild Goose Pagoda and the Terracotta Army. Different yoga poses give the terracotta warrior a livelier, active look, perfectly combining the traditional and the modern.





Exploring the High-Tech City

Shenzhen is the heart of China’s electronics industry, and this artwork uses a series of “Screenhead” characters to encourage people to put down their devices, head outdoors, and work up a sweat. In a city panorama surrounded by green mountains, the scene shows the Screenhead characters in Lululemon apparel engaged in active lifestyle activities like yoga, biking, jogging, and skipping rope. Brand elements and everyday details from Shenzhen are integrated throughout the composition, showing the spirit of Lululemon and how fun getting out in the city can be.






Inspired by the tagline “Ignite Possibility,” we’ve designed an art installation that uses layered elements, staggered placement, and concave alphabet letters to imaginative effect. Within each alphabet character, viewers are given a glimpse into the whimsical universe of Lululemon, a world populated by sports lovers. The bottom and middle row depict familiar Shanghai landmarks and surrounding areas while the top row features the nearby ancient town of Qibao. Through this installation, we pay homage to the active lifestyle long celebrated by Lululemon.


创作概念:利用lululemon英文品牌宣言中的”Ignite Possibility”为设计圆心,通过不规则排列及表层镂空再叠加多层的艺术手法,让整个艺术作品更富有想象力,打造出一个lululemon的次元空间。从一层字体延伸至二层的lululemon运动小人再进入第三层的上海城市与七宝古镇,层层推进,将观者带入一个生动且极具趣味的世界,同时也体现出lululemon所强调的生活方式和运动精神。

Caged Floral Clouds 花之云笼


We created a floral art installation for Hakkasan Shanghai titled “Caged Floral Clouds.” The installation helped introduce summer special seasonal menu at the restaurant featuring flower ingredients. The installation decorated walkways, lounge, and ding areas throughout the space, and was on display throughout the summer months.

Inspired by the dreamy beauty of “cloud seas,” we conceptualized, designed, and hand-crafted “Caged Floral Clouds.” The installation is made up of hundreds of colorfully marbled petals, which were designed to resemble peony, jasmine, and orchid flowers. These petals were cut into an assortment of shapes and suspended from the ceiling as a means of calling to mind the free-flowing form of clouds.

The installation complemented the elegance of “The Cage “—Hakkasan’s signature wooden, hand-carved interior window frames. This reimagining of flowers as clouds is designed to reflect the creative spirit of Hakkasan’s menu offering. The soft, pastel colors of the installation contrast the bold red-and-black restaurant interior, creating a layered and visually-engaging experience for guests.



此装置与“笼子”优雅地相辅相成 – Hakkasan标志性的传统木雕窗柩屏风。将花朵进行艺术分解再重现的方式,正如同Hakkasan的菜品一样耐人寻味。此装置为本为红黑色调的餐厅平添一分脱俗的柔美,使得在Hakkasan用餐的客人有了从看到吃的完整感官享受。


Music Lovers




We created a spot to promote a fall / winter parka for fashion brand Tonlion. The parka is especially for music lovers with earphones ergonomically designed into the hood, allowing for optimized wire management and a premium listening experience. The spot combines live-action shooting, stop-motion animation, and a variety of illustration, graphic, and hand-made textural effects. The content was used digitally and in select OOH executions.


Limited Edition Bottle Campaign

Absolut Vodka



For Absolut Vodka’s GLIMMER limited-edition bottle campaign, we created a series of key visuals and a short film featuring light-writing graffiti and long exposure photography techniques. We turned the GLIMMER bottles into illuminated “paint brushes” and took to the streets of Shanghai to tell the campaign’s “Make The Present Exceptional” story.

我们为绝对伏特加的绝对闪耀版限量系列创作了一系列的平面主视觉和延时光影涂鸦摄影的短片。我们将绝对闪耀版的瓶身变身为光影“画笔”走在上海街头传递着“绝对创意 就耀现在”的故事。

闪耀 – Shine

永恒 – Eternal

亮 – Bright

光 – Light

Make the Present Exceptional

Absolut Glimmer Limited Edition Bottle

House of Vans




We created a video campaign to promote Vans’ annual House of Vans summer event series in Asia. House of Vans is a traveling hub of culture, creativity, and sport in which Vans celebrates its main brand pillars: music, art, skate. House of Vans made stops in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Hong Kong, and Seoul, and presented a variety of creative workshops (painting, photography, screen printing, etc), exhibitions, live musical performances, skate opportunities, and raucous partying – a real good time for everyone involved.

For the campaign videos, we combined monster-inspired animations and live footage to introduce House of Vans in fun, interactive shorts. The content was used online, in-stores, and at the House of Vans events throughout Asia.

我们为Vans品牌的House of Vans年度亚洲区夏季活动做了一系列的宣传短片。House of Vans是一场以文化、创意和运动为主题的巡回活动,通过该活动来颂扬品牌的三大核心内容:音乐、艺术和滑板文化。House of Vans此次巡回历经北京、广州、西安、香港和首尔站,呈现了多元化的创意工作坊(绘画、摄影、丝网印刷等)、展览、现场音乐演出、滑板表演以及躁动派对,这绝对是一场众人参与的美妙盛宴。

活动短片中,我们从怪物中衍生出动画人物与实拍画面相结合,来呈现House of Vans的精彩和互动。该片用于网络、品牌门店以及House of Vans亚洲区的活动现场。



House of Vans – Hong Kong Teaser



House of Vans – Beijing Teaser



House of Vans – Guangzhou Teaser



House of Vans – Seoul Teaser



House of Vans – Xi’an Teaser



A Ham Lounge

Pata Negra

Pata Negra is “a ham lounge” in Shanghai that sells, among other tasty dishes and wines, Joselito brand ibérico jamón – the world’s finest ham!

For the restaurant, ​we designed and installed an interior graphic treatment paying tribute to the bits and pieces of Spanish culture that owner Miguel Jonsson is most passionate about: art, music, wine, sport, and of course, ham! The ​interior ​treatment was done in an urban style utilizing a variety of street-art techniques: stenciling, wheat-paste posters, spray can graffiti, and hand painting. Each wall-graphic tells a little story; collectively they convey the overall attitude and personality of the restaurant.​ We also created Pata Negra’s dining set (tableware / napkin / cup).​

The photos don’t do the work justice, so if you have a chance, be sure to stop by Pata Negra (Shanghai, 913 Julu Lu, close to the Changshu Rd. intersection) and experience the space for yourself…over a glass of wine and some ham, of course.

Pata Negra是一家位于上海的“火腿酒吧”,供应各式佳肴、美酒以及来自世界顶级品牌ibérico jamón的火腿。

围绕着酒吧老板Miguel Jonsson对艺术、音乐、红酒、运动以及火腿的热爱,我们将这些设计元素呈现于该酒吧内的各个角落。设计最终通过模版涂鸦、纸贴涂鸦、喷漆涂鸦以及手绘等多种街头艺术手法完成,呈现出一派都市街头风。每一面墙上的图案都讲述着一个小故事;所有角落里的故事相连透露出餐厅的整体格调。并且我们也为Pata Negra创作了整套餐具设计(餐盘/餐巾/茶杯)。

这些照片尚无法体现出整套作品的精妙,所以如果有机会,请务必前往Pata Negra(上海巨鹿路913弄,近常熟路路口)亲自在空间内感受一下其中的氛围……当然,搭配一杯美酒和一份火腿是必不可少的。

这些照片尚无法体现出整套作品的精妙,所以如果有机会,请务必前往Pata Negra(上海巨鹿路913弄,近常熟路路口)亲自在空间内感受一下其中的氛围……当然,搭配一杯美酒和一份火腿是必不可少的。

Lola Flores, a legendary Spanish Flamenco dancer, singer, and actress known for her incredibly artful and passionate live performances.

Lola Flores,一位艺能非凡且热情满腹的西班牙传奇式弗朗明哥舞者、歌手及演员。

“No canta ni baila, pero no se la pierdan!” (English: “She can’t dance or sing, but don’t miss her!) – an infamous quote from a 1953 New York Times review of a Lola Flores show that resonated through the global Spanish / Latin community. Lola was not considered a great dancer or singer, but her legendary performances were unlike any other – bursting with passion and raw art.

“No canta ni baila, pero no se la pierdan!”(译文:“她不能唱也不能跳,但千万别错过她!”)——这是一则来自纽约时报对于Lola Flores表演回顾的著名引言,这句话深得全球西班牙/拉丁语系群体的共鸣。Lola并不能称为是一个杰出的舞者或歌手,但她传奇的演绎方式是人们未曾在其他艺术家身上体验过的 – 那是一种充满热情且爆发力的原声艺术。

Inspiration for bar patrons from the great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

激发酒吧投资人灵感的一句话,来自西班牙艺术家Pablo Picasso。

This is a fun play on words with a well-known Spanish saying. In English “Abajo las drogas!” means “down with drugs!”, but it can also be understood as “the drugs are down below / in the basement,” hence the following line: “Beware of the people in the basement.”

这是一句有趣的西班牙名句,中文“Abajo las drogas!”意为“放下毒品!”,但也可以理解为“毒品在下方/地下室”,所以接下去的一句就是“小心地下室的人。”

Subtle smoking area / welcome signage next to the main entrance; the graffiti tag on the woman reads “Buen Appetite.”


The back wall of the bar area was dedicated to teasing the varietal / grape names of some of Spain’s best wines: Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mencia, Graciano, Mazuelo, Listan Negro, Bobal, Monastrell, Albariño, Moscatel, Moristel, Negramoll.

吧台区以多种西班牙知名葡萄酒名装点背景墙:Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mencia, Graciano, Mazuelo, Listan Negro, Bobal, Monastrell, Albariño, Moscatel, Moristel, Negramoll.

A black Iberian pig (the type of pig authentic “jamón ibérico” comes made from) nibbling on acorns. Acorns gives the meat it’s perfect marbled fat content.


A lyric from Vicente Amigo Girol (a Spanish flamenco composer and virtuoso guitarist) song meaning: “You are pure as the wind that runs through Santiago, and your hands are her gypsy heritage.”

一段出自Vicente Amigo Girol(西班牙弗朗明哥作曲家及顶级吉他手)的歌词,意为:“你纯洁如一股拂过圣地亚哥的风,你的双手是她吉普赛的传承。”

“Las Meninas” (Spanish for “The Maids of Honour”) – a 1656 painting by Diego Velázquez, the leading artist of the Spanish Golden Age. The work’s complex and enigmatic composition raises questions about reality and illusion, and creates an uncertain relationship between the viewer and the figures depicted.

“Las Meninas”(译为:宫娥)——一幅出自西班牙黄金时代的顶级艺术家Diego Velázquez作于1656年的画作。作品散发的复杂迷离气息更加升华了关于现实和幻境的辩题,也让观者和画中人之间的关系更加微妙。

Montse Cortés (aka: Montserrat Fernandez Cortés), a renowned Spanish Flamenco singer

Montse Cortés(又名:Montserrat Fernandez Cortés),知名西班牙弗朗明哥歌手

Graffiti tag: “Shanghai”


Pata Negra’s “Gran Reserva,” where the jamón ibérico and wine is stored in optimal environment / temperature conditions.

Pata Negra的“Gran Reserva”,在这里,伊比利亚火腿和红酒被储藏在最佳的室温和环境中。

Rafael Amador Fernández, a legendary Spanish flamenco guitarist (& singer) of Pata Negra (the band)

Rafael Amador Fernández,Pata Negra乐队的西班牙传奇式弗朗明哥吉他手(及歌手)。

Duende – “having duende” loosely means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression, and authenticity. The word is often connected with flamenco music. “Deunde” literally is a fairy or goblin-like creature in Spanish and Latin American mythology.


Traditional Spanish wall tile patterns recreated with intricate stenciling; used throughout the restaurant space.


Lyrics from an Estopa song titled “Tu Calorro.” The song is about an encounter the band members (José and David Muñoz) had with a woman that made them go crazy. The lyrics roughly translate into English as: “Your perfume is a poison that contaminates the air that your hair chokes; it chokes me so that I can’t speak nor understand because its a drug that makes my head crazy.”

出自Estopa的歌曲“Tu Calorro”的歌词,这首歌讲述了乐队成员(José and David Muñoz)与一位女子的邂逅让他们陷入痴迷的经历。歌词大意为:“你的香水味如毒药般浸染着空气,你的发丝令人窒息,让我如瘾将至,不能言语,它好似一种让人疯狂的毒药。”

Ricardo Zamora (aka: El Divino), a legendary goalkeeper for the Spanish national soccer team in the 20s/30s known for his eccentric behavior and iconic fashion sense. On and off the field, he was a rebel and a showman often in trouble with the law and at times a politically controversial and polarizing figure.

Ricardo Zamora(又名:El Divino),一位在20/30年代以其古怪作风和标志型时尚品味著称的西班牙国家足球队传奇式守门员。赛场内外,他是个在法律或政治层面上都极具叛逆且抢尽风头的争议性人物。

Lyrics from a Raimundo Amador / Pata Negra song titled “Ay Que Gustito Pa’Mis Orejas” that roughly translate into English as: “How comfortable for my ears, wrapped in-between your legs. You say ay! And what can I answer, since I still haven’t heard you.” We put this on the wall between the pizza oven and the hallway to the restrooms because, well, that’s where it seemed most appropriate.

出自Raimundo Amador / Pata Negra的一首歌“Ay Que Gustito Pa’Mis Orejas”的歌词,其大意为:“我的双耳被缠绕在你的双腿间,如此徜徉。你说‘啊’,我却无力应答,因为你的声音尚未到达。”我们把这段话印在披萨烤箱和通往盥洗室的走廊间的墙上是因为……你懂的,这儿似乎是最合适的地方。

“Que Aproveche” – enjoy your meal / bon appetit tagged on the pizza oven.

“Que Aproveche” —— 享受你的餐点 / 祝您胃口好被标在披萨烤箱外。

Womens / Mens bathroom signage

男 / 女盥洗室指示牌

Entrance signage


Tableware, Cup, & Napkin Set

Together with the Pata Negra’s interior graphic treatment, we designed a dining set (tableware / napkin / cup) to match the street art “look-and-feel” of the restaurant’s atmosphere. Taking inspiration from Lovegrove & Repucci’s original New York and London tableware sets, we created a Shanghai version that fuses together traditional Jingdezhen blue / white porcelain, graffiti type design of Chinese characters, local-Shanghainese dialect slang, and other fun Spanish / Shanghainese culturally relevant elements.

We wanted to feature Chinese characters on the plates because we don’t see enough of them in the local street art scene in China – they are also just so much fun to play with in a graffiti type design style. The characters we chose represent an interesting linguist quirk that we’ve always been intrigued by: the transliteration of English phrasings into local Shanghainese dialect pronunciations. These phrases are not part of standard Mandarin, and some Shanghainese don’t even know that they originated from English pronunciations. Phrases like: 哇色 (wa se – worse), 烂糊面 (lan hu mian – love me), 着台型 (zhao tai xing – dashing), 混枪势 ( hun qiang shi – win a chance), etc. Other tags on the plates reference core Spanish elements of the restaurant, like: tapas, vino, jamón, etc.

The bus is a retro style electric bus used in Shanghai in the 70s / 80s – we tagged it up with the Pata Negra logo,烂糊面, and a customized 南京路-巨鹿路 (Nanjing Rd. – Julu Rd.) travel line sign as the restaurant is located on Julu Rd.. The sidecar motorcycle used to be popular mode of transportation in Shanghai, and can still be spotted on the road her every once in a while. We tagged it up with 烂糊面 and the Pata Negra logo.

除以上Pata Negra的室内图案设计,我们也配合餐厅的街头艺术氛围为其设计了整套餐具(餐盘/餐巾/茶杯)。通过吸取Lovegrove & Repucci品牌的纽约及伦敦餐具的新颖设计灵感,我们创作了融合景德镇蓝白瓷、涂鸦汉字、上海话及其它有趣的西班牙/上海文化相关的元素。

我们希望在餐盘上呈现中文词语,因为在中国本土的街头艺术场所并没有看到太多它们的身影,用涂鸦效果设计这些字词其实很有趣。我们选用的词语都带有双重语系间奇妙的联结:一些上海方言词句是英文词句的音译。餐盘上的词句并非标准普通话,而有些土生土长的上海本地人或许都不知道它们源自于英文发音,如:哇色 (wa se – worse), 烂糊面 (lan hu mian – love me), 着台型 (zhao tai xing – dashing), 混枪势 ( hun qiang shi – win a chance)等等。其它餐盘上的标示参考了该餐厅主要的一些西班牙元素如:tapas, vino, jamón等。

餐盘上的公车是上海七八十年代的老式电车,我们将其与Pata Negra logo、烂糊面以及特别定制旅行路线“南京路-巨鹿路”融合在一起,后者基于餐厅所在地点巨鹿路。而餐盘上的双轮摩托曾在上海风靡一时,时至今日你依然能在街上瞥见它的身影,我们同样也将Pata Negra logo和烂糊面融合到了该设计中。

Flagship Store Art Program


We created an interior art treatment for Starbucks’ flagship store in Shanghai. The store is located on Huahai Rd., and as such, we developed a creative theme that celebrated the rich history and culture of the renowned street: “The Huahai Life.” For the project, we curated and collaborated with seven local Shanghai-based artists to interpret the theme in their own unique ways across multiple-panel canvas installations throughout the store. See the artwork and the stories behind each installation below.


Sally Zou

Creative Inspiration: Sipping a cup of coffee, eyes crawling along the lines of a novel, a young girl suddenly finds herself traveling through the history of Huaihai Road, to the library of Jiaotong University’s Nautical School from a time past.



Creative Inspiration: Sunny afternoon street scene unfold to reveal bustling pedestrians, classical architecture, and lush greenery on Huaihai Road. The mood is smooth and comfortable like a summer jazz melody.


Nini Sum

Creative Inspiration: Sometimes when we walk down Huaihai Road, our footsteps become faster and faster. We’re always in such a hurry. But there’s much to learn from those who are just strolling and taking in the moment, never in a rush.


Wang Meng

Creative Inspiration: Huaihai Road is a blend of China and the rest of the world, with cosmopolitan storefronts and timeworn alleyways. A single wall separates the hustle and bustle of the street from the historical Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


Shadow Chen

Creative Inspiration: Street signs create the rules of city life. They tell people to stop, to cross, to slow down, to intersect. Underneath these signs on Huaihai Road are the spaces in which people flow, where they change, create, and experience new feelings and connections.



Creative Inspiration: You can spot people of all different shapes and sizes on Huaihai Road. Men and women, young and old, people from all corners of the globe. This is where they come to meet. You might call it destiny, or maybe it’s just the charm of the area.


Xu Jing

Creative Inspiration: On a certain stretch of Huaihai Road lies an enchanted place called Xintiandi, where moment by moment strangers take a chance to become acquaintances, friends, or perhaps even lovers.


Art Sessions




For Volvo’s Art Session project, we curated and art directed seven of China’s most prolific creative talents to re-imagine the new Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid. The setting for the project was a massive stage in the middle of Zurich’s Hauptbahnhof train station (Europe’s largest open air structure), with countless thousands of curious passer-by’s enjoying the performances and sometimes getting involved in the creative process.

Each artist was given nine hours to complete a treatment of the car, with the next artist painting directly overtop the previous treatment, thus creating a continuous flow of art and creativity across the 4-day event. Check out the time-lapse video above to understand how the cars evolved one after another.

For this project, we collaborated with artists representing a variety of styles, geographies, and interpretations of the topic: What is sustainable mobility of tomorrow? Participating artists, in order of performance, included Shadow Chen, Wang Meng, Sally Zou, Honghua, Hua Tunan, LEFT, and Shan Jiang x Ollie Munden.

在沃尔沃艺术展 (Volvo’s Art Session) 项目中,我们策划并引领了七位中国最具才华的艺术家以现场艺术形式呈现沃尔沃V60插电式混合动力车型。该项目将场地设置在苏黎世中央火车站的中心位置(欧洲最大的 开放式结构),无数路人经过此地尽享艺术表演过程甚至参与到艺术表演中。


为了这个项目,我们联合了来自中国风格迥异、地区不同的艺术家,来展示同一主题:什么才是未来的可持续性?参与此表演项目的艺术家,包括:Shadow Chen, 王猛, Sally Zou, 红花, 画图男, LEFT, 江杉 x Ollie Munden。



Shadow Chen



Wang Meng



Sally Zou



Hua Tunan






Hong Hua



Shan Jiang & Ollie Munden

Customized Product Design


For Microsoft’s ongoing limited edition artist series (and to celebrate the “Year of the Snake”), we created a unique graphic treatment for the brand’s Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. For this project, we collaborated with Shanghai-based designer Left.


The creative inspiration for this design concept comes from the ancient Chinese text called “Mountains and Seas,” which documents various facets of nature, geography, and biology. “Mountains and Seas” says that snakes rise from the sea each year and journey to land, only to return to sea at the end of the year. The snake is an important creature mentioned throughout the book. Furthermore, many monsters and gods that are mentioned in the book have human heads and snake-like bodies. An example of this is Fu Xi and his wife Nu Wa, the Chinese goddess who, according to legend, created the world and its people.


Desktop Wallpaper Design

We took characters from “Mountains and Seas” and presented them in a style that is similar to the shadow-puppets that were used by Chinese storytellers in ancient times. The red seal at the base of the mouse is Left’s name represented in a traditional artist mark. The overall result is an inspiring cultural remix full of Chinese traditional imagery and modern graphic elements.


Packaging Design

Art Inspired iPhone Cases


In collaboration with Mocamomo, we created an exclusive collection of art-inspired iPhone cases that featuring work from Chinese artists and designers.

Representing a variety of styles and mediums including illustration, photography, graphic design, and painting, each case is unique and shows off a little piece of Chinese creative culture.

The collaboration brings together 8 leading-edge Chinese artists: Nini Sum, Nanguazi, Huzi, Ren Hang, Xiaomi Keke, Fatty Chen, Tanse, and Hua Tunan.



此次合作联手八位中国先锋艺术家共同完成,他们分别是:Nini Sum, Nanguazi, Huzi, Ren Hang, Xiaomi Keke, Fatty Chen, Tanse, 和 Hua Tunan.

Nini Sum / Catch the Seagull



Nanguazi / The Dream



Huzi / Needle



Ren Hang / Aeroplane



Xiaomi Keke / Harmony 



Fatty Chen / Weirdo



Tanse / Bluffing



Hua Tunan / Tiger