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Make The Invisible, Visible


We created a campaign for ASICSTIGER bringing alive the concept of “Make The Invisible, Visible” (要你显型). The concept focuses on the brand’s seasonal hero product GEL-Lyte V Sanze’s new “visible GEL technology” (featured on the outside of the shoe in a tangible way for the first time in 30 years of the technology’s history).

The campaign storytelling conveys a sense of discovery and exploration required in all that we do in order to uncover what is usually not initially apparent; to go beyond just scratching the surface to “Make The Invisible, Visible” and​ reveal to yourself unlimited possibilities.

For the campaign kick-off, we created a brand film and key visuals featuring celebrity actor and style-maven Ji Lingchen (纪凌尘), as well as a KOL seeding pack shared with key brand collaborators and ambassadors throughout the region.

The campaign was carried online, OOH, and in-stores throughout Greater China.

我们为ASICSTIGER构思了一整套以“要你显型”为主题概念的创意内容,以生动形象的方式将“要你显型”诠释出来。此创意概念聚焦于其明星产品GEL-Lyte V Sanze的全新“GEL可见技术”(这是GEL“凝胶”技术诞生以来首次被直接呈现于鞋跟的外观设计中)。






Campaign Hero Footwear

Seeding Pack



FitSense Spot




We created a short animated spot for Lycra FitSense to showcase the support, shaping, and comfort of the brand’s innovative fabrics.

Lycra FitSense technology is used in unisex sportswear and sports-bras to provide users with a second-skin fit and superior comfort when engaging in a wide range of athletic movements and exercises.

The spot was used in stores and digital media worldwide.

我们为Lycra FitSense系列创作了一支创意动画视频,以生动形象的方式将该系列面料产品特有的贴身、塑形、舒适等特性一一体现。Lycra品牌独有的该系列纤维面料应用于运动连体裤、运动胸衣以及男士运动衫可为用户带来舒适、贴身、恰似第二层皮肤一般的运动自如感。


Caged Floral Clouds 花之云笼


We created a floral art installation for Hakkasan Shanghai titled “Caged Floral Clouds.” The installation helped introduce summer special seasonal menu at the restaurant featuring flower ingredients. The installation decorated walkways, lounge, and ding areas throughout the space, and was on display throughout the summer months.

Inspired by the dreamy beauty of “cloud seas,” we conceptualized, designed, and hand-crafted “Caged Floral Clouds.” The installation is made up of hundreds of colorfully marbled petals, which were designed to resemble peony, jasmine, and orchid flowers. These petals were cut into an assortment of shapes and suspended from the ceiling as a means of calling to mind the free-flowing form of clouds.

The installation complemented the elegance of “The Cage “—Hakkasan’s signature wooden, hand-carved interior window frames. This reimagining of flowers as clouds is designed to reflect the creative spirit of Hakkasan’s menu offering. The soft, pastel colors of the installation contrast the bold red-and-black restaurant interior, creating a layered and visually-engaging experience for guests.



此装置与“笼子”优雅地相辅相成 – Hakkasan标志性的传统木雕窗柩屏风。将花朵进行艺术分解再重现的方式,正如同Hakkasan的菜品一样耐人寻味。此装置为本为红黑色调的餐厅平添一分脱俗的柔美,使得在Hakkasan用餐的客人有了从看到吃的完整感官享受。


Fusion Collection




We created a series of web-spots for Lycra to help communicate unique product benefits and industry-leading technologies of the brand’s Fusion line.

The 60 second spot features five products utilizing Fusion technology put to the test in a surreal world of hyper-realistic proportions and exaggerated, playful movements.

The 45 second spot was created to support Lycra’s B2B communication efforts, with more specific messaging around function and technology that helps 3rd-party brands understand how to best integrate Lycra into their own product offerings.

We also created a spot to help showcase the brand’s plus size offering across the Soft Comfort line.









Year of the Rooster




To celebrate Chinese New Year, we created a fun animation for Airbnb telling the story of Ralphy, a wanderlust-filled traveling Rooster making his way around the world.

In the Year of the Rooster, Ralphy reminds us to meet someone new at the foot of Mt. Fuji; or connect with old friends in Koh Tao; or perhaps even celebrate with a family reunion in Paris. Wherever your travels take you this lunar new year, we hope the experiences along the way warm your heart with love and sharing. Happy Chinese New Year.

The piece was created by hand in a live, multi-layered environment with frame-by-frame stop-motion animation of laser cut elements. Check out the making-of video and photos to learn more about the process and technique.












To support the release of the newest addition to adidas Athletics’ high-end luxe outerwear line, Z.N.E, we explored the brand’s 90/10 concept (90% mental focus, 10% everything else) in a short film series.

The films feature Ningze Tao, a gold medal winner and Olympian swimmer; Hui Ruqi, the captain of the China women’s national volleyball team; Eddie Peng, a renowned actor and fitness buff; and Janine Chang, a celebrated actress and running enthusiast.

The series looks at how to deal with everyday distractions in order to find complete focus in preparing for our next endeavor (on or off the field).

Using premium fabrics suitable for both spring and summer, the new Z.N.E. jacket is designed with pre-game comfort in mind. Inside the hood, a sewn mantra reminds athletes to maintain a constant state of focus.




新款Z.N.E 90/10连帽外套采用适合春夏穿着的高端舒适面料,为轻松备战而设计。更在连帽内侧植入专注箴言以激励运动员保持专注状态。




NMD – What’s Next?

adidas Originals



To help celebrate the 1 year anniversary of adidas Originals’ game-changing sneaker line “NMD,” we created a campaign featuring a crew of creative culture champions and fashion influencers including actors, television hosts, magazine editors, pop-singers, rappers, models, and style mavens.

We also created an animation for the campaign to show the evolution of NMD over the past year from the now-classic OG colorway to countless iterations of the extended NMD family.

The campaign ran chiefly on social media and digital channels throughout China, with some print usage as well.

我们为adidas Originals的颠覆型鞋款——NMD系列诞生一周年创作了一组以创意界文化先锋和时尚潮人为主角的平面作品,其中包括演员、主持人、杂志编辑、流行歌手、说唱艺人、模特、潮人等。借此来传达“过去赋能未来”的街头潮流精神。



Higher Brothers / 海尔兄弟

Chen Haipei / 陈海沛

Jasin Chang

Cheng Yingjie / 程颖婕

HyoRaKuHi / 冯乐飞

Jenny Zeng / 曾妮

Jeffery Tung / 董又霖 

Annie Sun / 孙伊涵


Meng Jia / 孟佳



Chen Xi / 陈希

Jenny Zhou

Lin Zijun / 林子君

Seasonal Campaign




For China’s annual shopping holiday (November 11), we created a seasonal campaign for ESPRIT featuring supermodel and “IT Girl” You Tianyi. Like ESPRIT, You Tianyi is all about positive vibes, having a good time, and of dancing like nobody is looking. In the same spirit, we developed lighthearted, carefree storytelling that was captured in a playful lookbook video coupled with a series of fun still images showcasing key seasonal looks. The campaign ran via social media and on the brand’s T-Mall online store, helping to drive record sales during the sales period.

我们为ESPRIT品牌在中国双十一购物狂欢节期间的线上活动创作了一条产品系列广告,此次广告邀请了超模 / “IT Girl”游天翼合作。游天翼用轻快肆意的舞步带给人积极欢乐的氛围,这正与ESPRIT的品牌精神如出一辙。基于同样的精髓,我们以轻松愉悦的方式呈现一份趣味十足的产品目录宣传片以及一系列展示季度主打产品的平面硬广。该广告被广泛运用于社交媒体及品牌天猫官店,为其在购物节期间引领销量。

Hello, Air!




We created a brand launch campaign for Airwear, an innovative company developing personal air filtration and purification products.

The campaign, titled “Hello Air,” reintroduces us all to air, an element that is ever present, but we all too often take for granted. By shifting the focus away from Airwear’s product, the campaign elevates the conversation to the core of the brand’s mission: providing clean, healthy air.

The campaign raises consumer awareness about the air that surrounds us and the impact it has on our everyday lives. The key visuals and brand film humanize the topic with quirky and thought-provoking commentary from a cast of people we can relate to: people just like us.

The campaign hashtag #HelloAir kick-starts a conversation about clean air as part of our everyday wellness, while positioning the product as an essential consumer accessory for a healthy lifestyle.


此广告主题“Hello Air” ,是为了让我们重新认识空气,一个始终存在却总被我们习惯性消耗着的物质。不同于将重心放在Airwear产品上,该系列广告将思考的重心转化为品牌的使命:提供纯净、健康的空气。


此次宣传活动的标签#HelloAir 开启了人们关于纯净空气是我们健康生活一部分的探讨,而产品本身的定位正是我们健康生活方式中必不可少的基本配饰。

Gou Pengyou

Airbnb x Eddie Peng

We collaborated with Airbnb to help create a “Night At” campaign featuring A-list actor-turned-Airbnb-host Eddie Peng titled Gou Pengyou / 够彭友. The tagline is a fun play on words with Eddie’s surname (彭) and the word for friend (朋友) in Chinese, meaning roughly, “Eddie’s got you covered, like a good friend.”

The campaign brought together four lucky winners for am epic get-away weekend stay at Eddie’s very own Airbnb listing in Shanghai. Like all Airbnb hosts, Eddie curated a magical experience for his guests, sharing his personal, off-the-beaten-track tips and recommendations about how best to enjoy his neighborhood and the city. Eddie even surprised his guests a few times throughout the weekend to show them around town.

The weekend was filled with great fun, big laughs, and even some tears as Eddie and his new friends got to know each other. Check out the campaign film to see how it all went down.

“Gou Pengyou” was a collaboration between Airbnb’s internal art & design team, Neocha (creative storytelling / content creation). Pure (event planning / execution), and Beamy.




“够彭友”是由Airbnb内部美术和设计团队,Neocha(故事创意 / 内容制作),Pure(活动策划 / 执行)以及Beamy联合完成。

Campaign Teaser



Campaign Film



Campaign Key Visuals



Event Photography


Campaign Collateral